Frequently Asked Questions

Setup & Technology

How do I access Nutritics?

Nutritics is cloud-based software. It can be accessed through a web browser from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer which has an internet connection.

Does Nutritics work on Mac?

Yes Nutritics works on Mac & Linux via Chrome or Safari web browser. Please click here for instructions.

Can I install Nutritics on multiple computers?

Yes you can install Nutritics as often as you like on as many computers as you wish. All of your data will sync automatically between computers, but you can only be signed in on one computer at a time.

Is my data safe?

Your data is stored on Nutritics secure servers. All communication between your computer and the server is encrypted with bank level security (256 bit SSL). The server operator fully complies with all data protection standards. Nutritics has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place that is regularly tested, so your data is always safe. Please contact us as if you wish to discuss this.

Is Nutritics suitable for research/publication or calorie labelling purposes? 

Yes, Nutritics uses official national data sources, which are suitable for food labelling and research purposes. 

How do I start my free trial?

Simply fill out the registration form and follow the instructions. The trial is fully functional, but you can only create 3 of each type of record while on trial (recipe, meal plan or dietary assessment). There is no obligation and no credit card details required to trial Nutritics.

Supported Report languages

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Support & Maintenance

Visit our Support Centre for Video Guides, Tutorials, Training Webinars & More

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How much are the upgrade fees?

We do not charge for upgrades or maintenance, all product releases and updates are rolled out free of charge to subscribed users.

How do I get the latest version of Nutritics?

Nutritics updates silently in the background, so it's always up to date and will never disturb your workflow. You will receive food database updates, new features and new food recommendations automatically, as soon as they become available.

Is support included?

Yes, support is included for all licence types. We provide priority email support from our support page. We have also created various tutorial videos and a  comprehensive user manual, as well as a feedback forum which can be accessed from within Nutritics directly. 

Can I reactivate my licence if I do not renew immediately?

Yes. Simply log into our accounts portal and renew your subscription. Your client profiles & data will be restored to your Nutritics account.

Can I speak to someone in person?

Of course! Please see our contact page to get in touch directly.

Nutritics Databases

How many foods does Nutritics have?

Nutritics currently contains over 750,000 foods and this is growing by the day! This includes thousands of user-requested foods and supplements which have been added by our expert dietetic team and are not found in any other nutrition analysis program.

Which food databases does Nutritics use?

Nutritics database is comprised of the official national databases for each country with vast augmented data for photos, portions, etc. Our nutritionists have manually augmented our global databases with photos, suggested portion sizes and detailed micro-nutrition for up to 300 nutrients.You won't get this data anywhere else!! Each database is available in the local language(s) and in English. In addition, we've created a large database of universal Arabic foods and we maintain toggleable databases from brands, food suppliers, retail chains & clinical feeds so you have total control over where your data is coming from. Our full array of current databases is listed below.

  • Australia (AUSNUT 2016 (2011-13 Australian Health Study))
  • Canada (Canadian Nutrient File 2015)
  • The Netherlands (Dutch Food Composition Database 2016, 2021 & Dutch Branded Food Products Database 2019)
  • Germany (2014 German Nutrient Database BLS 3.02)
  • Poland (2005 Polish Food & Nutrition Institute)
  • Spain (Spanish Food Composition Database 2017) 
  • Switzerland (2015 Swiss Food Composition Database, Version 5.2)
  • United Kingdom (2015 COFIDS including McCance and Widdowson 7th edition, 2015)
  • United States (English) (USDA 28 & Branded Food Products Database)
  • United States (Arabic Version of USDA28 suitable for use in:)
    • Bahrain
    • Egypt
    • Iran
    • Jordan
    • Kuwait
    • Lebanon
    • Oman
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Turkey
    • United Arab Emirates 
  • A proprietary global 'Nutritics' database from user-requested foods, including a wide range of sports supplements, health food products, supplier and restaurant data. Foods are sourced directly from manufacturers, research papers or added by conversion from other food databases by our qualified nutritionists. 
  • Specialised clinical feeds and nutrition products from suppliers including Nutricia, Fresenius Kabi and Abbott Nutrition.
  • Gluten free and low protein ranges from a wide range of suppliers
  • A proprietary database of food additives such as vitamin and mineral compounds, preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and thickeners.  

Nutritics supports local food labelling and regulatory requirements based on your selected location. 

Can I add foods and recipes to Nutritics?

Yes, you can add both foods and recipes to your Nutritics account database for your own use. Nutritics includes a recipe analysis function where you can create and store recipes. The new food wizard enables quick product entry from a food label. We also provide a food request function where our staff will attempt to source products you require directly from manufacturers and peer reviewed publications.

Which nutrient recommendations (DRVs / RNIs) does Nutritics use?

Nutritics has an assortment of built in National, and International Dietary Reference Values. You may also set custom DRV's for all 60+ nutrients.

  • Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy (COMA) 1991 with updates from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) 2002, 2011 and 2015 (incl. free sugars)
  • Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012
  • European labelling guidelines
  • The Institute of Medicine 2010
  • The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) 2006
  • A Nutritics source which combine macronutrient guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) & Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with suggested optimal dietary targets from the NHMRC Australia

Pricing & Purchasing

How much does Nutritics cost? 

Our flexible pricing model starts as low as £22 / €27 / $29 (+ tax) per month for a basic licence. Have a look at our pricing page for more info.
If you are interested in purchasing a more advanced account, or you are an enterprise customer, please contact us for further details, as our basic account offering may not be suitable for your needs. Discounts are available for longer subscription periods. 

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases or students?

Yes! Please contact us with your requirements. 

How can I pay?

We accept payment by credit/debit card, purchase order, and Electronic Funds Transfer. Contact us for a quotation or proceed through our secure checkout to pay by card. 

Do you offer training workshops? 

Yes, we provide webinars to clients anywhere in the world and on-site training workshops in the UK and Ireland (an additional fee may apply). Please contact us with your requirements.

Do you charge for cancellations?

No. We do not contract you into service and you may cancel your account at any time from our accounts portal.

Is there a contract of service? 

No, Nutritics does not contract you into service so you may cancel at any time by logging into your account page and clicking the "cancel my subscription" link.

How do I reference / cite Nutritics? 

If you have used in Nutritics in your research, we ask that you also include a link to our website. Please find the instructions below. 

APA Style:

In-text: (Nutritics, 2019) or (Libro, 2019) 
Nutritics. (2019). Research Edition (v5.09) [Computer software]. Dublin. Retrieved from
Nutritics. (2019). Libro (v.09) [Mobile application software]. Dublin. Retrieved from

*To check your current version please login to Nutritics and click Menu, then choose the last item in the list; 'About/Cite Nutritics'.

Vancouver Style:

In-text: (1)(numeric)
Nutritics, *Research Edition, v5.09, Dublin, Nutritics, 2019. 

Libro,*v.9, Dublin, Nutritics, 2019.

*To check your current version please login to Nutritics and click Menu, then choose the last item in the list; 'About/Cite Nutritics'. 

Harvard Style:

In-text: (Nutritics, 2019) or (Libro, 2019) 
Nutritics. (2019). Dublin: Nutritics.

Libro. (2019). Dublin: Nutritics.

*To check your current version please login to Nutritics and click Menu, then choose the last item in the list; 'About/Cite Nutritics'.

Adding an Embedded Nutritics Link 

Below we have included instructions on how to cite Nutritics, with reference to citing in-text and in the bibliography. If you have used in Nutritics in your research, we ask that you also include a link to our website. When adding a link to the website please ensure that at least one of these links is an ‘embedded’ or ‘live’ link. An embedded link is a link that when clicked upon, brings you directly to the linked address. This website is often opened in a new tab. 

To create an embedded Nutritics link, please use the following steps. 
  1. Select the text that you want to display as a hyperlink. In this case it would be the word ‘Nutritics’ or full website address. 
  2. On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink. You can also right-click the text and click Hyperlink on the shortcut menu. 
  3. In the Insert Hyperlink box, paste the following link in the Address box. -