Foodprint Carbon Footprint Scoring, Display & Scope 3 Reporting System

 Sustainability, Made Simple

A fully automated, easy-to-use carbon footprint scoring, display and Scope 3 reporting
system for food businesses.

Foodprint combines the latest research with cutting-edge technology, all designed to help organisations on their journey to ‘net zero' carbon. We’ve brought our best-in-class food data expertise to carbon labelling, to develop a proprietary technology that automatically matches your foods, recipes and dishes to peer reviewed LCA data sources, with a specific focus on the local food supply chains.

Foodprint provides foodservice operators with metrics and insights into the impact of the food they serve, from field to fork, and supports environmentally-conscious decisions related to their dishes. It empowers both food businesses and their customers to make more informed and environmentally-conscious decisions.

  • Carbon footprint visibility

  • Scope 3 ESG reporting capability

  • Sustainability credentials

Benefits to your business

Reap tangible rewards across both sides of your organisation

Back of house: carbon footprint visibility

  • Gain visibility and control over the carbon footprint
    of your supply chain and track trends over time. 
  • Understand the impact of your purchasing and how your
    changes are affecting the environment. 
  • Automate your non financial ESG Scope 3 reporting and
    adjust to align with the sustainability goals of your business.

Front of house: carbon footprint display

  • Add a carbon footprint score to packaging, dishes and
    promotional materials. 
  •  Build trust in your brand and take customers with you
    on your sustainability journey.

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Why Foodprint?

Accessing quality food information has never been easier

Results You Can Trust

The most reliable data available and all results provided can be linked back to peer reviewed LCA academic research, supported by our expert PhD and MSc scientists.

Automated Scope 3 Reporting

Automatically calculate the carbon footprint of your food supply chain to manage your purchasing and Scope 3 non financial reporting requirements.

Proprietary Algorithm

Our algorithm has been developed by computer scientists and experts in sustainability research and modelling to deliver reliable results.

Communication to your customers

Easily add the score to your food packaging, menu items and promotional materials to build trust in your brand and take the customer on the sustainability journey with you.

Our vision is to be the world's most trusted food data management software, delivering valuable insights to enable better informed food choices. We have made it our mission to continuously innovate to make food data more reliable, more accessible and more valuable.

Damian O’Kelly, CEO and Founder of Nutritics

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