Nutritics Education Nutrition Analysis Software for Universities & Colleges


Nutrition Analysis Software for Universities & Colleges

Equip your students with the skills they need to succeed. Suitable for use across courses in dietetics, sports science, public health nutrition, food and beverage management and more. Increase student engagement with more stimulating and practical classes. Speed up class preparation by managing your students and their assignments in one platform only.

  • Scientific data you can trust

  • User friendly interface

  • Quick set-up, no installation needed

A practical angle to teaching nutrition

Teach nutrition by using software students can use for life

Nutrition Analysis

Assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and glycemic load

Meal Planning

Create meal plans using our database of over 1 million foods including supplements and branded data

Portion sizes

Teach students accurate portion sizes with the use of portion photographs and recommended portion weights


Students can save time by inviting research participants to log their own food, exercise and more. Import to Nutritics with one click (more info below)

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Manage all students in one platform

Speed up class preparation to spend time on what you love most - teaching nutrition!

Cloud access

Securely access Nutritics from any computer with a web connection. Enjoy free and silent updates with no disruptions while you work

Simple Setup

Easy set up with simple and intuitive interface. Free training and support materials available

Licence management platform

Save time by managing all licences in your organisation from one platform

Bulk student rates

Benefit from competitive bulk student rates

Practical classes are now far more efficient. Being able to
merge outputs to generate a master file for analysis has
immensely reduced my workload.

Anne Nugent, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Queen’s University Belfast

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Libro - Mobile App for Nutrition Research

Take the work out of data collection

Connect with participants

Save time by inviting participants to log their own food, exercise, sleep and much more - no more manual data entry! Import to Nutritics with one click!

Smarter & more reliable

Built-in portion size photographs and a smart assistant help participants to accurately estimate food intake and activity in minimal time.

Tailor for success

Customise the app setup for each participant depending on your research goals.

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