Nutritics Performance Sports Nutrition Software for Athletes & Teams


Sports Nutrition Software for Athletes & Teams

Support your athletes’ health and well-being while helping them to compete at their best. Create custom nutrition and exercise plans to meet specific training requirements and build strategic programmes to maximise your athletes’ ability to perform. Nutritics equips you with all the tools you need to provide in-depth diet analysis and effective meal plans for your athletes.

  • Maximise performance with custom plans

  • Educate your athletes on nutrition

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Complete sports nutrition management system

Maximise nutrition for peak athletic performance

Diet & Activity Analysis

Assess food intake of up to 258 nutrients including macros, vitamins & minerals. Choose from over 850 exercises to track accurate energy expenditure

Meal Planning

Create meal plans to meet specific targets using our database of over 1 million foods including sports supplements & branded data

Recipe Analysis

Create recipes and menus. Automatically calculate nutrition, calories and allergens before adding them to meal plans or sharing them with athletes

Bespoke Programmes

Schedule events, send articles, videos, meal plans,
recipes and more. Share to athletes’ phones via our free app Libro

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Performance nutrition for a competitive edge

Ensure your athletes consistently stay on top of their game

Free App - Libro

Save time by inviting athletes to log their own food, exercise and much more. Import to Nutritics with one click

Tailored athlete reports

Generate evidence-based reports using custom nutrition targets or the latest dietary guidelines. Add nutrient breakdowns, text reports and top food sources of nutrients

Personalised nutrition targets

Customise your athletes’ macros, calories and other nutrient targets based on their individual needs

Custom branding

Increase brand awareness and grow your business by adding your own logo to all reports and templates

We compete against many different nations, so we want to find every advantage we can. Using a tool like Nutritics helps us and the
athletes understand what we’re trying to achieve.

Emma Gardner, Senior Performance Nutritionist, English Institute of Sport

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Libro - Mobile App for Athletes & Sports Teams

Empower your athletes to create healthier habits

Connect with athletes

Save time by inviting athletes to log their own food, exercise, sleep and much more - no more manual data entry! Import to Nutritics with one click!

Smarter & more reliable

Built-in portion size photographs and a smart assistant help athletes to accurately estimate food intake and activity in minimal time.

Tailor for success

Customise the app setup for each athlete, helping them to achieve their specific health and performance goals more effectively.

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